The Turbo Saw Tree Cutter uses a high speed circular cutting disc with durable carbide cutting teeth to cut at speeds up to 10" per second. The key to the Turbo Saw's success: efficiency. The high speed disc translates to smaller bites multiplying the available hydraulic power. Small, fast bites means the Turbo Saw can also cut bruch or even grass and leave a smooth stump. Another excellent advantage of the high speed disc is the ability to cut hardwoods as easily as softwoods allowing the operator to tackle anything from brush and vines to trees of anykind. 

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The turbo saw tractor unit is an ideal maintenance tool for landowners to remove invasive trees. The PTO powered saw blade will cut as fast as an operator can back up. The grapple acts as both a push bar and a stacking tool. Easily remove trees such as, cedar, mesquite, osage orange and Chinese tallow.

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Turbo Saw Grapple Rakes are built smarter and tougher than the competition. Hidden cylinders, a superior curl angle for maximum grabbings and two independent clamps to grab uneven loads. Grapple rakes can be found in many different applications. Ideal for loading and pilling brush, logs, and light demolition debris, these versatile tools are also good for seperating and sorting.

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